Free Printable Catholic Saints and Bible Character Coloring Pages

 Catholics celebrate several religious days, referred to as Holy Days. Based on the Bible, these days center around an event in the life of Jesus or His Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary. Holy Days are All Saints Day (Nov. 1), Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Dec. 8), Christmas (preceded by the holy season of Advent), Solemnity of Mary (Jan 1), Ash Wednesday (movable feast which kicks of the holy season of Lent and leads up to Easter), Ascension Thursday (movable feast) and the Assumption of Mary (August 15).  Free Printable Catholic Saints and Christian Bible Coloring Pages - Bubblews

Free Printable Day of the Dead Lesson Plans to Celebrate Dia de los Muertos - Bubblews

Halloween, or All Hallow's Eve, originated as a pagan celebration preceding the Catholic church's observance of All Saints Day (a holy day honoring canonized saints) on November 1. It is followed by All Souls Day on November 2 which remembers the beloved dead.Day of the Dead Lesson Plans and Printable Activities to Celebrate Dia de los Muertos


Free Printable First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Baptism Cards and Invitations

If you're like me, you get invited to a lot of celebrations where gifts are required. There are secular ones--graduation, retirement, birthdays--and religious ones--holidays, first communion, baptism, weddings. Don't get me wrong, I love giving gifts, but costs do add up. So I use free printable greeting cards to save money. Going to a Catholic or Christian special event? Here are printable cards. Throwing a first communion open house, confirmation open house, All Saints Day party? Here are free printable invitations too. You'll find printable holiday, wedding, bridal and baby shower and birthday cards, as well. Frugal mama says save what you'd spend on cards and use on the gift. And don't feel you have to overdo it on presents either. Religious celebrations are supposed to be spiritual events not gift blow-outs. Free Printable First Holy Communion Cards and Invitations

Free Printable Catholic Stations of the Cross, Saints and Bible Coloring Pages

Catholics celebrate several religious days, referred to as Holy Days. Based on the Bible, these days center around an event in the life of Jesus or His Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary. We also pray the rosary and stations of the cross. We dedicate October to remember Our Lady. And October 4 is the Feast of St Francis of Assisi. Then All Saint's Day is celebrate November 1 and All Souls Day, Nov. 2. Then we approach Advent, the lesser penitential season and the Christmas season. So many ways to celebrate and honor our Lord. To help children learn about our Catholic faith, here are Free Printable Catholic Saints and Christian Bible Coloring Pages

Free Printable Stone Soup Lesson Plans with Bible Applications

The legend of "Stone Soup" is timeless. It's been retold many times, notably by Marcia Brown, Ann McGovern and Jon J. Muth. Stone Soup is sacred text in preschool and elementary classrooms. It has many Bible and catechism applications for Catholic children. It teaches gospel values of honesty, sharing and cooperation.

If you are teaching Stone Soup, here are free printable activities. As an educator and homeschooler, I've used "Stone Soup" over the years. The book is commonly read, and soup made, at Thanksgiving. It lends itself to fall harvest science lessons, Here are Free Printable Stone Soup Lesson Plans, Games, Crafts, Worksheets - Bubblews . There are Biblical lesson plans based on Stone Soup, too.

Catholic Guilt, Overactive Conscience and Scruples

I have struggled all my life with a hyperactive conscience. I feel vague to intense guilt constantly. As a Catholic convert, I hear cradle Catholics talk about Catholic guilt. Like the Church invented it. Well, they're not alone. I grew up Protestant and we spoke fluent "guilt."  Some guilt is healthy, but chronic isn't. That's what the catechism calls "scruples." And in psychological terms, shame. It's crucial, for mental and spiritual health, to know the difference.

What is guilt complex/scruples/shame and how does it differ from healthy guilt? Let me illustrate. Do you remember the T-A--Transactional Analysis--school of psychology? It says the self has three personas--parent, child and adult--similar to Freud's Id, ego and superego. Freud described the id (child) as immature, undisciplined and totally self-serving. The superego or parent in TA is ultra-controlled and highly critical. The ego or adult is whole and balanced. In all of us, the Parent (superego) and child (Id) struggle for control. Neither are healthy, alone. It's only when the healthier adult persona takes control and parent and child take back seat that the person is healthy.

We with guilt complexes and overactive consciences are stuck in superego- parent mode. We don't have more to feel guilty about than anyone else. Less, often. We've done our time, paid our penances, said our Mea Culpaes, received absolution. But we struggle to shake the nagging feeling that we've left something undone.

Our apologies and restitution never satisfy us. No confession is ever good enough, no penance too severe.
We don't have prickings of conscience, we have brutal stabbings. Others aren't necessarily accusing us. We accuse ourselves, sometimes to the point of dreaming up sins. I have a recurrent dream in which I have done something unspeakable, willful murder, violent assault, terrible injury. I have another where everyone is mad at me and I can't figure out what I've done wrong. When I wake, I feel sick and terrified, and it takes conscious effort for me to convince myself that it was just a dream (how's that for Freudian?)

Overactive conscience always second guesses its decisions and actions. Guilt complex causes us to be pathologically self-critical. And like so many other emotional issues, they're fear-driven and deeply subconscious (ergo the dreams). Fear of offending, upsetting others, of our own emotions, of consequences. We will sometimes lie or cheat to defend against irrational or imagined wrongs and prevent imagined consequences.

If you suffer from or love someone with guilt complex and overactive conscience, check my blog

Free Printable Bible Finger Puppets for VBS Crafts

I've taught a lot of kids in Sunday School, Children's Liturgy of the Word, CCD and Vacation Bible School. I'm also a teacher and former homeschooler. One activity that always went over big was puppetry. Here are free printable finger puppets, stick puppets, paper bag puppets and 3D play sets (to use like puppets). There are Bible characters, animals, people, Disney characters, monster and other puppet themes. Perfect for Vacation Bible School, summer school, daycare and rainy day fun! Free Printable Disney, Animal, Bible Finger Puppets

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